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Conference Interpreting is the concurrent mediation of verbal communication between conversing parties. Fluency, precision, discretion, and wit are seminal traits to attain an excellent interpretation.



This mode is adopted when interpreters work in acoustically isolated booths and make use of equipments that allow the public to listen to the speech in their language of choice. The Whispering technique, also known as Chuchotage, is adopted for interpreting scenarios of up to two listening parties.


This mode is adopted in situations when the interpreting equipment is not available. The speech is rendered into smaller portions of up to a couple minutes, which are then interpreted to the target language.

Escort Interpreting

This mode allows for a more informal approach where the interpreter relays the speech in the target languages to the participants.

Fluency Conference Interpreting is represented by the most discreet and experienced interpreters in the business, all of which are AIIC members (or applicants).

2022 is the year Fluency is celebrating 25 years of language consulting alongside our business partners. It's been 17 years we have been translating and mediating verbal communication with excellence, not only in Brazil but also in Europe and in the Americas.

If you are thinking of exporting or importing ideas or products, of participating in an open tender in Brazil or abroad, if you wish to train your employees, organize an international conference, a press meeting, or if you think of setting a video conference meeting, we guarantee that your communication will be as of a native-in the language of your choice.

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